Die Experten für abwasserfreie Produktion


The company is investing approximately 4.5 million euros in extending the production and administration premises in Steinen. The building application was approved by the Steinen Municipal Building Committee yesterday.

Steinen, Germany. On 1st May 2017, Jörg Kernbach took on the position of Service Manager at H2O GmbH in Steinen, Germany. A mechanical engineering technician by trade, Kernbach has been with the company since 2010, during which time he has gathered a wealth of experience in every technical service area, starting as a Technical Customer Advisor and eventually landing in Assembly Planning.

Stuttgart/Steinen, Germany. Customers are placing higher and higher demands on consistent cleanliness and low costs for part cleaning – processes need to be ever cleaner, better and more cost-efficient. Our experts in zero liquid discharge production will explain how to keep production cost-effective in spite of these higher demands on quality at this year’s parts2clean in Stuttgart. This leading international trade fair for industrial part and surface cleaning will be held from 24 to 26 October.

Cada vez son más las industrias que se benefician de una producción libre de aguas residuales. Con ello no solo se consigue ahorrar dinero, sino también proteger los valiosos recursos de agua dulce. H2O GmbH, empresa radicada en Alemania, está especializada en el tratamiento de alta calidad de las aguas residuales industriales. En el stand n.° 1000 de la feria Aquatech, nuestros expertos en vertido cero de aguas residuales presentarán los innovadores sistemas de destilación al vacío VACUDEST y explicarán cómo se puede reciclar el agua de forma económica.

Steinen/Hanover, Germany. Sustainability is the hot topic of our time. In a world of dwindling natural fresh water resources, taking environmental responsibility is absolutely essential. This is why H2O GmbH kis following a vision to achieve a ‘wastewater-free future in all industries’. The VACUDEST vacuum distillation system is a sustainable industrial wastewater treatment method that allows industrial production operations to protect the environment and save money.

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